Sludge Tank


Sludge Tank Program


Sludge handling and disposal can come at a large cost to many wastewater treatment plant operators. Poor dewatering and inefficient pressing can lead to costly chemical usage along with increased hauling and disposal costs. Limited capacity often results in the need for new infrastructure and costly capital expenditures. Additionally, the odors and H2S that is generated while processing sludge can result in neighbor complaints, hazardous conditions, and potential fines.



Our process involves an initial no-obligation consultation and assessment of your sludge treatment program. We then develop a scientifically proven treatment program to effectively increase sludge digestion resulting in improved dewatering, less polymer usage, lower disposal costs, reduced odors and H2S, more decanting, and increased capacity. IPS will continue to monitor results and report success throughout the duration of the treatment program.


Solutions For:

  • Sludge Disposal Costs

  • Limited Decanting

  • Poor Dewatering

  • H2S and Odors

  • Limited Capacity



  • No Capital Investment

  • Increased Decanting

  • Reduced Chemical Costs

  • Increased Capacity

  • Lower Disposal Costs

  • Improved Dewatering

  • Reduced H2S and Odors

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