Sludge Solutions


  • Sludge Accumulation

  • Transportation and Disposal Costs

  • Capacity Limitations

  • Limited Decanting

  • Poor Dewatering

  • H2S and Odors

  • Limited Operating Budget


Industrial Processing Solutions digs deep to understand your sludge issues and develop a customized program to accomplish your goals. Our sludge reduction program is designed to work within your current system parameters and provide you with a positive Return on Investment. Our expert team will collect all the data necessary to complete a thorough evaluation which includes a treat-ability study prior to providing a recommendation for treatment. We will continue to work with you to monitor results and report on our success. When it comes to sludge reduction, our results speak volumes!



  • Sludge Reduction

  • Reduced Transportation & Disposal Costs

  • Increased Capacity

  • Additional Decanting

  • Improved Dewatering

  • H2S and Odor Reduction

  • No Increased Footprint

  • No Capital Investment

  • Positive ROI

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