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Activated Sludge Program


Proper settling of solids is essential for any activated sludge system. Sludge bulking is a common problem in many activated sludge systems and results in poor settling. Fats, oils, grease, low dissolved oxygen, low food to microorganism ratio, nutrient deficiency, and septicity can all contribute to sludge bulking. Denitrification and high mixed liquor concentrations can also result in poor settling.



Our trained professionals will conduct an initial microscopic evaluation of your activated sludge system. Upon thorough examination, our team will discuss treatment options and provide a customized solution using biological treatment to enhance the existing biology, optimize system performance, reduce bulking, improve settling, and control upsets. IPS will continue to monitor results and report success throughout the duration of the treatment program.


Solutions For:

  • Poor Settling

  • Toxic Upsets

  • Bulking & Foaming

  • Poor Effluent Quality

  • Reduced Treatment Capacity

  • Poor Dewatering

  • H2S and Odors



  • No Capital Investment

  • Improved Efficiency

  • Fewer Toxic Upsets

  • Improved Settling

  • Reduced Bulking & Foaming

  • Improved Nitrification

  • Improved Effluent Quality

  • Improved Dewatering

  • Increased Treatment Capacity

  • Reduced H2S and Odors

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