COD/BOD Solutions


  • High COD/BOD Levels

  • Discharge Restrictions

  • Compliance Requirements

  • Fines/Fees Resulting from Exceedances

  • Limited Aeration

  • Infrastructure Limitations

  • Limited Budget for Equipment Expansion

  • Time Constraints


IPS offers proven solutions for BOD/COD reduction when aeration is limited and equipment expansion is not feasible. Our BioAugment™ products provide fast removal of COD/BOD without the need for additional equipment or capital investment. Let us show you why our clients continue to place their trust in us for fast and affordable BOD/COD reduction.



  • COD/BOD Reduction

  • Quick Turnaround

  • Improved Discharge Quality

  • Reduced Fines/Fees

  • No Capital Investment

  • No Increased Footprint

  • Positive ROI

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